Uncorked Monthly

"Castrucci’s example is also one that balances a dose of risk-taking with hard, dogged work"



Wine Siren

"What I get from these hardworking & dedicated wine pros is their desire to create an experience that transcends the typical small winery experience. This is a very hands-on approach and the humility, desire to create spectacular wine and their dedication is incredibly apparent. "


"As a matter of personal opinion, David and his team have managed to not only craft delectable varieties that aren’t traditionally grown in Napa – they’ve managed to make wine personal again. In the process of removing the sense of exclusivity associated with many winemakers in the Napa region, they’ve also managed to appeal to millennials and craft a brand that’s accessible. Something that many other Napa winemakers have tried, or bypassed completely, in their endeavor to create a name for themselves in one of the most competitive wine growing regions in the world."

The Napa Wine Project

"The vineyard is planted to approximately an acre and a half of Pinot Noir and 5 acres of Chardonnay. While these gentle rolling hills look fertile and when covered in grass may appear to harbor deep soils, this is anything but true. These particular hills have shallow soils covered with fractured rock – which created a challenge to preparing the ground to plant the actual vines. "

Press Kit

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