The 2015 Harvest

Highlights from the 2015 Harvest:

Our Pinot Noir was picked on August 7th, the Chardonnay on August 19th and the Cabernet Sauvignon in early September. Harvest was early this year. 

Why did we pick so early? A couple of reasons...

  1. The style of wine that Steve Matthiasson, our winemaker, produces for us requires that we pick earlier than others. Picking earlier means a little less sugar which translates to a little less alcohol creating the food friendly wines we desire. 
  2. The fruit ripened early this year. The season got off to a fast start,  little rain coupled with warmer than usual temperatures through March pushed the vines to an early bud break. Then came the cooler than normal weather in April and May that impacted the "set" of the fruit that would normally take place at this time. Thisproduced a slightly smaller yield but more concentrated and intense flavors in the fruit. 

Overall you can say it was a challenging but an exciting growing season that produced high quality fruit - but that is why they call it farming! As the 2015 vintage continues to develop in barrel it should prove to be an outstanding vintage - delicious and complex indeed!